Dari and Pashto on 456.af

پښتو و دری به زودی در این وبسایت

Dari and Pashto content to be uploaded soon to this site.

Please come back in a while to this site and we will soon have content in Dari and Pashto as well.


Using 456

Using 456 is easy. If you are in Afghanistan, just dial 456 on any Roshan or Areeba phone and follow the prompts. If you are outside of Afghanistan, you need to dial +93 799 780 456.

All calls locally are charged at 10 Afghanis per minute. International calls are at standard international rates of your local telecoms entity.



What is '456'?

456 is a service dedicated to bringing the latest content to users using telephony and other delivery means.

Currently 456 works through your telephone to give you access to content which is updated constantly.


456 TV Ad - Quranic Recitations No 1

quran1.jpgThis advertisement explains how callers can listen to Quranic recitations using the 456 service.

The advertising was produced in Afghanistan by Lapis and Aria Production and the corporate music of 456 is provided by Barbud Music.

Listen to News on 456
456 is your premier source of News and Information. With an agreement with Afghanistan's most successful and watched news organisation, Moby Media (Tolo TV, Lemar TV, Arman FM), you are sure to get the information you need when you want it.
456 signs deal with Barbud Music
Image 456 has successfully negotiated and finalised and exclusive agreement with Barbud Music, Afghanistan premier recording company and one with the largest legal database of Afghan Music. The deal is yet another in a series of agreements providing the most sought after content for 456 and its users.


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Listen to 456 in 3 languages

Did you know that you can listen to 456 in three separate languages? Yes, that is right, you can listen to 456 in Dari, Pashto and English.

Why not learn about how to use 456 - you never know when you will need it.